We Teach That:

All life is interconnected, flowing from One Source, which is Whole, Unified, Complete, and Perfect-the Source without a Source, the Name without a Name, the First Cause of life. 

Source/Spirit/Energy is present everywhere, at all times, in all dimensions.  It is life expressing.  It is both Infinite and personal.

What we call reality is a dynamic changing experience which originates and proceeds from the spiritual, or invisible realm of Source. 

Everything contained within the One Whole Complete and Perfect Universe is organized by universal spiritual principles. 

The visible phenomenal world of material conditions and experiences arise through our mental and emotional participation.

We are each an individual consciousness, forming an energetic signature that contains the sum total of our beliefs and intentions. 

Our current consciousness shapes our current experience. 

When we change our thinking, and our emotional response, we change our life, evolving positively as we understand and live in harmony with these laws. 

One of our greatest gifts is choice.  Each person is free to choose their beliefs.  We can test universal principles and decide their validity based on our own direct experience and conscious participation. 

Knowing and understanding universal law is not enough to change a life; one must consciously choose and deliberately participate in life, to create a higher and greater experience of life.