Welcome to the Helena Center of Creative Living


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We are a thriving and growing metaphysical spiritual community, located in the historical downtown area of Helena, Montana.  The Helena Center of Creative Living is a FORCE for Good in our community and our world.

Join us for community and inspiration in the St.John’s Building, 25 South Ewing St.

enter on Rodney St. for parking

Sunday Celebration Service: 11:00 AM, St. John’s Law Library

Monday Simple Service: 12:00 PM, Room 420, St. John’s Building

Families: The Helena Center of Creative Living offers a “Family Friendly” area in the foyer just outside of our sanctuary for parents with small children.


“New Thought may be one of the greatest hopes for the awakening of humanity, as it is free of dogma and recognizes the dignity and value of all people and all paths.”

                                                                   His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

deep gratitude to our photographer, David Broussard