Happy, Holy Easter

This month invites us to raise our consciousness above the current conditions of the world and enter into the timeless, seamless, perfection of Source. When you can shift your mind from daily events into the Light of God's eternal goodness and grace, you impact the world tremendously. 

Embraced by the Light, all the dark places are illuminated and recognized as merely shadows. Fear, despair, anger, concern, judgement can be seen as illusions when the Light of Truth shines clearly. And the TRUTH is that Light always absorbs darkness.

Dr. Ernest Holmes once shared: "Illumination will come as humankind more and more realizes their connection with the Whole, God, and as they constantly endeavor to let the Truth operate through them."

Two people working in opposites parts of the world both discovered how to fully develop photographic film at the same time. Known as the Grothis and Draper Law of Light, they concluded that "Light, in order to be fully effective, must be fully absorbed."

This is an excellent spiritual formula. You must allow yourself to be fully embraced by the Light of Wisdom and Truth to become a fully effective functioning spiritual being navigating this world of physical form.

Living with the light on allows you maximize your divine potential and power. Your world needs your Divine Self to help, serve, care, and love.

Live as the Christed Self. That is the greatest gift you can offer right now. 

Happy, Holy Easter. 



Please remember Food Share of Helena. Bring your food donations on Sunday, April 19.

Share the bounty, share the joy, share the love of the season with our less fortunate community members. The food share shelves are depleted at this time of year. When you're shopping, toss an extra item into your cart for Food Share Sunday. 

Healthy cereal is of great value to Food Share. Consider buying bulk cereals and other staples at Costco or Winco. You can also donate with a check made out to Helena Food Share.

New Vision Prayer: Invite Our New Minister


In this moment now, I recognize that I AM a conscious  living expression of my Source.

My mind is a part of the Mind of God, 

which is Intelligent, All-Powerful,  

and Infinitely Creative.

I know that my consciousness is an attractive force,
and that all my prayers are answered.

I am so grateful that our spiritual community is blessed with everything that we need  

to prosper and thrive.

HCCL is now welcoming the perfect minister into our life and community.  

This deeply spiritual light-hearted person is
ready to be adopted and loved, as we open our hearts
to their presence.  

I am grateful for the complete demonstration of
our community's co-vision.

I surrender this prayer back into the Mind of God,
knowing it is done.

I am excited for HCCL! And so it is. Amen.

This Month's Talks

Embraced by the Light...

April 5: Reminders of Grace

Guest speaker, Dr. Charles Geddes will not be able attend on this date due to travel restrictions and global health concerns.

April 12: Embraced by the Light

Rev. Jean Sweet 

guest musicians Adelle and Jeremy Terry.  


April 19: Gateway to Paradise: The Teachings of Mohammad

According to the Holy Qur'an, Allah created man by breathing a soul into him. The essence of an individual's expression is pure at birth, and has the potential of achieving communion with God by leading a righteous life. Islam begins with the vision of Mohammad, a man who yearned for the experience of God.  

April 26: A Celtic Thanksgiving

Giving thanks was a daily experience of the Celtic tribes. We are borrowing some of their rituals and ceremonies to celebrate our own Thanksgiving this year. We will begin by consecrating our intention to honor all of life without exception. The ancient Druids would be proud.



Remember to save bottle caps for Rev. Jean's big vision. Which ones? Any bottle cap you would throw in the trash, such as vitamin bottle caps, water bottle caps, prescription bottle caps, milk carton caps, you get the idea. Please collect them in a cardboard box and bring the full box to Rev. Jean.

PLEASE DO NOT bring the caps in a plastic bag, as we are eliminating the use of plastic.

Take a moment to thank Dianne Nickman, our "Recycle Queen," who takes our plastic, glass, paper, and cardboard to the transfer station every month.

Spiritual Mind Treatment

Experience Rev. Jean Sweet

Listen to a Positive Prayer offered by Rev. Sweet completing a Sunday Service.