Summer Prayer

May we stare into a campfire

and watch the sparks ascend

in the night air,

rising to meet You.


                                      - Guideposts Editor, Rick Hamlin

Food Share Sunday June 16


Please remember Food Share of Helena. Bring your food donations on Sunday, June 16.

As summer unfolds, think about helping those in the community who don't have access to the bounty that you do. Fresh food is becoming abundant, so think about packages of fruit and vegetables, such as Costco sells. 

Staples are always welcome; flour, peanut butter, tuna, rice. You can also donate with a check made out to Helena Food Share.

This Month's Talks

Happy, Healthy, Whole, Free, and Thriving

June 2:  Friendship Sunday: The Spiritual Foundation of Friendship

With special music by Adelle and Jeremy Terry. Bring your friends and loved ones to share the joy of the HCCL Community. Stay for refreshments and a free raffle!  

June 9: Be Whole Now

When you are aware of Presence, you discover that you are living in a state of wholeness. Presence signifies well-being at every level of human experience...mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When the light is on, there are no shadows. You are WHOLE right now, you just need to realize it.

June 16: Healed, Whole, Happy, FREE

Life is about moving forward. The Infinite Nature of God is continually becoming. Mystic John Randolph Price stated: "It is a Universal Law that you are always experiencing your consciousness. If you are not experiencing harmony and wholeness in your life, it is because your consciousness is not yet harmonious and whole." Summer is a wonderful time to establish the consciousness of "healed, whole, happy, and free."

June 23: The Art of Happiness

In order to be happy, we have to unlearn the goofy nonsense that creates unhappiness. We have to decide and choose to be happy. Empowered choice equals happiness. You can choose to be happy! 

June 30: Enjoying the Juice

Summertime is a true reflection of "more than enough." Summer reminds us of the diverse and marvelous bounty that is a physical reminder of the always-present Infinite Good. Let's enjoy the juice!  

Rev. Jean Sweet


Spiritual Mind Treatment

Experience Rev. Jean Sweet

Listen to a Positive Prayer offered by Rev. Sweet completing a Sunday Service. 

Free Movie Night


The Healer

A young man discovers that he has the family gift of healing. As he struggles to understand his new reality, a teenage girl with cancer unexpectedly inspires him to believe in himself, and by helping others, he will find his life purpose. All net proceeds go to SeriousFun Children's Network to benefit children with serious illnesses.  

Runtime: 1 hours, 55 minutes
Not Rated

Friday evening, June 14
St. John’s Building,
Inspiration Hall Doors open at 6 PM

Film begins at 6:30 PM

Join us for snacks and community in the lobby.

Bring a snack to share (no

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